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+I spent my childhood wanting to grow up to save the wolves. Ask my mom.
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Anonymous asked: what vegan toothpaste, hair stuff do you use most i find is really expensive??


I use Toms non fluoride toothpaste and I don’t really ever use hair stuff. The only hair junk I’ll maybe use is hair dye left over from a roommate. I can’t remember when I last bought hair dye honestly. Unless you’re taking about shampoo. LUSH is my favorite brand but it’s kinda hard to find a totally veg shampoo in say, the drug store cuz even if that particular brand doesn’t test on animals, 9/10x their parent company does (did you know the ‘natural’company Burts Bees is owned by Clorox?). But if you can only afford drugstore stuff, show the parent company that their cruelty free products are more popular. If it’s cruelty free it will say so on the bottle. But I suggest buying a LUSH shampoo bar. They’re 100% vegan and not crazy expensive. Plus the shampoo bars last longer, smell better, and lather better than any drugstore junk.
Sorry for the late response and that I couldn’t be more helpful but I don’t really do much with my hair.


Wildlife photographer Richard Peters caught this amazing moment of nature in the raw at Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming when a red fox dived nose first after a mouse buried beneath the snow.

(Source: Daily Mail, via herbivorexvx)

I’m just tryin to see my dogs reaction to seeing snow for the first time but I’m in crappy, rainy Georgia and it’s too dang cold to travel right now.


This is my friend Sergio Quintero. Not too long ago, he was attacked outside of a punk show in LA. He did nothing to provoke the group of men who attacked him. He was targeted simply for being queer. We started a fundrazr account to try to raise enough money for his medical care, but we’ve got a really short amount of time to raise the money. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. If you have nothing to give, please reblog and signal boost this post. 

Doctors at the ER told him he needs surgery as soon as possible. However, Sergio does not have health insurance or $3000 required to pay for the procedure. The doctors say if he waits longer than a few weeks the damage to his jaw and mouth will be irreparable. Some of his teeth are loose already and he may lose one or more of them permanently if he does not receive treatment ASAP. The cutoff date is December 23rd.

He needs all the help he can get. Thanks!


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The real life ”Fox and the Hound” featuring Noki and Kodi :)


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Sometimes I think that taking prescription pharmaceuticals recreationally isn’t vegan. Like, there’s a difference between a vegan taking medications they need and a vegan taking them just for the hell of it. Idk, am I alone on this one?

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